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Every wondered what the fastest car in the world was? How about the most expensive or cheapest car in the world?  Maybe you’re more interested in motorcycles that have so much horsepower that it’s actually illegal to ride on the streets?  This is exactly the type of stuff we write about here at

Anyone can cover the basics of what makes a “cool” car or why one motorcycle is faster then another.  We take pride in our ability to write about what makes certain automobiles record breaking champions!

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Most of our new content will be found on our news section of the website.  This is where we will try to stay up to date on automotive record breaking news. Please bare with us as we are rebuilding the site and not everything transferred from the old design perfectly.

Example Of Our Work.

You might be curious as to our writing our how we write.  Below is just a little snippet of our record we enjoy sharing.  The LAND SPEED RECORD is the grandest of all automotive world records.  It’s most gear heads dream to be able to shatter this.  It all started in in 1898 when the first attempt was documented.  An Electric powered Jeantaud Duc went nearly MPH!  This was absolutely unheard of at this time.  The more famous Model T from FORD wasn’t even in contention. It wouldn’t be until 1904 when the Model T hit 90+ MPH to take ownership of this record.  Ever since, its been a goal of so many to obtain this record. The technology used these days to obtain these god awfully fast speeds is absolutely insane.  For instance, please watch the video below on the Thrus SSC Supersonic Land Speed Record Holder.

video submitted by Nick @ Baltimorecarinsurance.orgwatch on YouTube