Using Canvas Prints For Decoration

Canvas artwork and prints have become quite popular in the last several years as an excellent way to decorate the home/office. Stretched prints give an art-gallery effect as they come out of the wall and provide an unparalleled depth and viewing experience. With numerous canvas options to pick from, it can be challenging and overwhelming to know what to purchase and how to decorate your home or office walls best. With the following tips, however, you will be able to pick a print that both acts as the focal point of a room and aesthetically complements it.

Know The Psychology Between Vibrant and Neutral Colors

Vibrant colors bring action and excitement to a room, while neutral colors give a calming effect. For instance, you can pick a lively yellow color for an art studio or kids room, blue color for a fast-paced workplace or mellow green and neutral beige for a doctor’s office or quiet retreat room.

Complement the Mood or Theme of The Room

Knowing a room’s attributes and purpose is essential before picking a canvas print. Is the room for entertainment, or is it private? Is it for doing tasks or for relaxation? Is it tall, narrow, or large? All this information will help determine the kind of canvas art that will complement the scale or color of the room.

The Size Should Depend on The Size of The Wall

It’s advisable to pick big prints for huge walls and spaces and smaller ones for narrow walls. A big print on a small space makes the room feel smaller while making the canvas print feel overwhelming. A small print on a huge wall, on the other hand, makes the room feel empty and disproportionate. Use painters tape of the wall to know where the outside boundaries of the print will be positioned. This way, you get to test the best print size.

Use Shelves and Mantles to Display Art

You do not have to always hang your canvas prints. Art shelves and mantles are an excellent way to present art as well. You can put your prints on the shelf-top, mantle or lean them against the wall, hang on the wall over the mantle or shelf, etc. It all comes down to what you deem ideal.

Open Up Small Spaces With Landscape Art

Landscapes, sunsets, and art showing distant horizons are an excellent way to open up a small room visually. A horizon view acts like a window that gives a faraway vista impression, thus making a small space appear larger and more comfortable.